Furniture Removals,
Pick up's + Deliveries

We have specialist team members with the logistics, equipment and care to move, pack, store and deliver even the most fragile items simply across the room or across the district.

Our Team is fully licenced for all sized vehicles, insured for your item's protection plus fit to lift.

Our team can even restore the items and vacant clean too so just give us a call to chat about your needs.

Or alternatively, we welcome you to call our friendly team

How we can help?

With industry leading skills and premium supplies, our trades team can bring any renovation to life.
Free Onsite Quotes and design consultations around Kilmore and the Bylands District.

New Home
Special Bliss Offer

With the buzz of moving into a brand new home, never has a handyman been so... HANDY!

At a set rate per hour, we come with all our tools and let you direct us. "Hang these pictures here, Silicone this, Big Mirror goes here- little higher! little to the left! - PERFECT"


From ramps, bathroom upgrades, gutter cleaning and lawnmowing, contact us today to see how you can arrange your free quote for NDIS package approval. 

Bendigo Property Maintenance
Phone: (03) 5441 1762

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