Projects & Spaces

Bendigo Property Maintenance with a team of over 30 trades persons have specialists in every professional trade. With complete know-how, insurance, certification for working at heights and a trained team with industry leading vacuum technology, we are set to service any gutter in the district, no matter the difficulty.

We have the skills, tools and know-how to bring your renovation dream to life.

With excellent craftmanship and staff in every trade, we are the one-stop-shop for getting your job done from thought to completion.


Our specialist insured and trained team with industry leading technology, we are set to service any gutter in the district.

Decks + Alfrescos

One of our favourite things to do is create fantastic outdoor spaces that celebrate the nation's family space- the backyard.


From clearing vacant land to weekly grounds keeping, get in touch with us to find out how we can create and maintain your ideal outdoor space. 

Renovations + Extensions

Before your renovation or extension be sure to get in touch with our one-stop team. We can perform any task as part of your project.

Windows + Doors

We can craft doors and windows from scratch or install industry leading supplies to best suit your vision and requirements.

Concreting + Sheds

Our team members have speciality skills and knowledge for concreting and shed erection, we can share with you our huge portfolio of quality work.

Tiling + Paving

TIling and Paving installations are a specialised skill and a perfect installation can mean a job done right, is a job done once.

Carpentry + Woodwork

We take the highest care and pride in our carpentry work. We have the skills, tools and materials to complete any project needs.

New Home
Special Bliss Offer

With the buzz of moving into a brand new home, never has a handyman been so... HANDY!

At a set rate per hour, we come with all our tools and let you direct us. "Hang these pictures here, Silicone this, Big Mirror goes here- little higher! little to the left! - PERFECT"


From ramps, bathroom upgrades, gutter cleaning and lawnmowing, contact us today to see how you can arrange your free quote for NDIS package approval. 

Alternatively, we welcome you to call our friendly team

How we can help?

With industry leading skills and premium supplies, our trades team can bring any renovation to life.
Free Onsite Quotes and design consultations around Kilmore and the Bylands District.

Bendigo Property Maintenance
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